Sammy Says


Sammy Says

Politicians! Keep using the Army to intimidate and disrupt elections and democracy ideals and enjoy it while it lasts, keep flexing muscles because you have boots and guns behind you. Use them to win elections and manipulate people; raid people’s houses and more. Enjoy your Jack boot power!.

Most of you don’t know history and the occurrence of 1965 in the Western Region of Nigeria. History, they say is doomed to repeat itself and when it does – the first casualties are always the politicians. Your lot is usually death, extensive detainment (till you die) or if you’re lucky to escape – you’ll run to a sympathetic country on exile (and there aren’t much of them anymore) and you form a “Pressure Group”.

When they do take over, they’ll list the exact same things they saw you do (with them) as the reason why they struck; same script of 1966 and upwards.


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