LIFESTYLE: Sammy Ajufo – On Tramadol, Codiene Et Al: The Blame Goes To…


On Tramadol And Codiene Et Al: The Blame Goes To…

Let’s be straight, NAFDAC is not at fault here, so stop accusing them. At some point in our national life, they were the most popular & loved government agency under Dora Akunyili, but now they are demonized – for Cough Syrup sake. Also, Buhari is not to blame either. There are many things I would love to pin on this administration, but this is not one. Don’t tell me that frustration of the economy or unemployment drove young people to abusing drugs. That’s a lie and you know it.

And as usual, in this recent argument and blame game, there must always be those whose stock-in-trade is to find something tribal about any and everything, obviously these are the regular shallow minded bunch. Because all of a sudden, people realise that Emzor Pharmaceuticals is owned by an Igbo person and the shut down of their production lines is somehow as a result of Buhari’s hatred for the Igbo race. Typical and expected reaction, there’s nothing new here.

But in the practical sense, If Codeine or Tramadol or whatever drug formed the highest market demand, it would be profit suicide if the manufacturer refuse to increase production & leave the responsibility of the Medical Associations to put some regulation on the dosage and use? So I don’t blame Emzor, it’s a business decision any good businessman would cash in. So, contrary to some beliefs, I see no fault of Emzor’s making. Moreover, who says drug counterfeiters hadn’t weighed in on the massive haul to meet demand with fake drugs flooding the market too.

But the blame must be put on someone. Whose to blame? The country the youths are too distracted to understand or take over? The Government? No. The blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the very group that has over the years shied away from their primary responsibility and successfully shifted the blame to whichever government of the day exists. As a matter of fact, they have hidden so successfully that nobody even remembers their pivotal role anymore.

They are the family. Parents and relations are to blame. Nobody else. These drug abusing youths are sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, cousins, grandsons & granddaughters to people. How come the family is not taking responsibility? Does that mean nobody is watching the activities of these kids like our parents watched us, our activities & friends? Where are the fathers and mothers who should have raised these kids and shown them the right way to grow? Where’s the moral discipline? The Instruction? The Respect for Values, Life Lessons & Family tradition that should keep these kids focused out there in the world? Where’s the first school for a child if not the home?

Where is it? A father who cannot take care of his household is worse than an Infidel; words from Scripture! That goes for women too, because a good woman keeps her home. So why are we saddled with the failures of families and instead of repairing and repenting, we would rather blame someone else? Don’t tell me what you suffered to raise all your kids because nobody forced you to bring them into the world. You are not doing us or the a favour.

Face the family, it’s their fault.


  1. The writer did assume a very impractical angle by implying that drug/substance abusers are kids, at some point he recognised that they were youths but still couldn’t hold himself from diving in into his hollow-sounding notion that adults who fend for themselves and most times sort relief from hardship with some of this substances and hence abusing them are kids!
    wehdone sir! This wasn’t cool at all


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