Woman Crush Wednesday


Woman Crush Wednesday

There are a lot of unsung heroes living amongst us, people who have sacrificed their own happiness, free time, money, relationships to make sure others live a happy life.
We meet these people every day and we breeze pass them without the least acknowledgment, not that they need it.
They don’t need it because they are the real heroes! They don’t need cameras or capes!
They don’t need applause or praise!

They cover our vulnerability, they strengthen our weaknesses, they cushion our battered ego, they secure our defenselessness.

They come in form of mothers, fathers, clerics, soldiers, policemen, teachers, mechanics, shoemakers, doctors, nurses….hmmm nurses!

Our WCW this week is a BEAUTY WITH BRAINS, a selfless lady who has dedicated herself to making lives whole again medically and psychologically.

She went to the United States to get a masters in Business Administration but got redirected to her original purpose, she would later explain the change of career with ” I chose the career of nursing because of who I am, Nursing is all of me”. Meet Oby Omeke BSN, RSN. She is from Umuogbo Agu in Enugu-Ezike, Enugu state.
She is currently in Dallas, Texas of the USA where she is saving countless lives and minds.
Nursing is her passion and she is single.



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